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Salsa Classes

Classes begin Monday 2nd July at Wivelsfield Village Hall.

WVHMonday7.30 - 8.30 p.m4-week Improver (Diamond)

Our new set of improver courses are little gems! Four weeks of new Improver-level moves to add to your repertoire, plus lots of recapping of the basics. Perfect for those who’ve completed ‘Introduction to Improver level’, or are returning to salsa after a break.

Improver (Diamond) Booking Form
WVHMonday7.30 - 8.30 p.m4-week Intermediate Rueda

A fun rueda-based Intermediate level course. Get ready to learn lots more moves!

Intermediate Rueda Booking Form
WVHMonday8.30 - 9.30 p.m4-week Intermediate/Advanced

The Intermediate-Advanced Course is for those who have attended our ‘cocktail’ courses in the past. The course will focus on consolidating moves previously taught and partner-work, with plenty of time devoted to creating sequences to use on the dance floor. There’ll be lots of rueda as well, by the way.

Intermediate/Advanced Rueda Booking Form
WVHMonday8.30 - 9.30 p.m4-week Advanced

Advanced level course is for more experienced dancers. The aim will be to re-energise your dancing technique with ladies and gents styling tips, some freestyling ideas and music interpretation, to bring extra flair to your dancing. Priority will be given to couples so ladies, grab a willing gent!

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SalsaJulia Timetable
Click the image above to download the full timetable/schedule for Monday classes at WVH

All classes are subject to change and will only run based on a minimum group booking of 10. In the event that a class does not reach the minimum number, we shall endeavour to amalgamate classes to provide an alternative option.

As always, the lessons are relaxed and fun and designed to cater for all abilities. Contact Julia if you need any further details.

Which level of course should I choose?

Our structured courses are tailored to suit the ability of each group in general. Of course, individuals do progress with their dancing at different rates and we are keen to find the most suitable level for everyone. It's often a good idea to repeat courses to perfect timing and co-ordination, especially with the foundation basic steps (i.e. Dile Que No, Casino and Enchufla). After all, to dance with fluidity and ease, it's all about lots and lots of repetition and practice. If you need any guidance at all about which level of course to book for, then please contact me. The cost to repeat a course is just £35, which only applies if repeating courses within a six month period.