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Thursday 4th January Line-up

Hola Salseros/as,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have started 2024 with energy!


We were delighted to welcome you into our club here at SalsaJulia in December following our November taster sessions. We made fantastic progress in the first 3 weeks and we're looking forward to seeing how you find the next moves that we have coming up.

Our next block of sessions will start at the usual time of 8.15pm this coming Thursday (4th January) at St Wilfrid's school in Haywards Heath. The next block of 3 lessons will be £20 and can be paid on Thursday upon arrival.

We'll continue to work on our "Dile Que No", a key move for salsa dancing which we touched upon briefly before the Christmas break. For those of you who weren't able to join us, please don't worry, we will do a quick recap of everything we have learned before moving onto new moves. There are also team available to provide further assistance during the lessons should you need it so don't be afraid to ask, we're here to help!

I've also created a WhatsApp group, which I do for all our Salsa levels and it's a great way to getting to know each other. We also share information on upcoming classes, events, tips and provide music recommendations to listen to at home. There's no obligation to join but for those of you who would like to, simply click the button below and it will take you to the group. If you don't want to join, please do not worry, we will continue to send all information out via email and social media too.

Intro to Intermediate (Previously Thursday Improvers)

I'm so delighted with all the progress we made last year and I'm excited to see what we can achieve in 2024 as we begin our journey as the new "Intro to Intermediate" group.

Back in December, we started looking at 3 part moves, beautifully demoed and taught by Wendy (thank you Wendy)! This year, we will be learning more 3 part moves, practising our free style routines and looking at some styling, especially for our fabulous followers.

With this said, our next block of lessons will start this Thursday at the usual time of 7.15pm at St Wilfrid's school. This block will consist of 3 lessons for £20 and if I can ask that you kindly arrange payment either beforehand or on Thursday, that would be much appreciated.

For those of you who wish to, we'd love you to stay and act as "helpers" in our Beginners2 lesson starting straight after at 8.15pm - we would be grateful for your support as always.

Remember, if you are a Monday improver, you are more than welcome to join us on Thursdays too!

Monday Salseros/as

We've got exciting things lined up for 2024 and we'll be kicking off our classes next Monday 8th January - I'll be in touch over the next few days with more information.

Wanting to join us?

If you have danced with us previously and are thinking of coming back or are new to dancing - drop me an email with some information about your experience and what days suit best and I will find something that works for you.

As always, any questions, please let me know.


Julia x


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