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We strive to be a friendly and welcoming salsa club and endeavour to create a happy, relaxed learning and sociable environment. Here are some rules to help maintain these standards.

Please respect the SalsaJulia venues and equipment. Please leave the venues quietly so as not to disturb our neighbours

This is a relaxed learning environment. Please do not rudely criticise others dancing ability. Nobody is perfect!

Enjoy yourself, but do not ruin the learning experience for others by making too much noise and/or diverting attention away from the lesson.

Inappropriate behavior: Salsa is a tactile sport, but has strict rules to adhere to. Please do not take advantage by over-stepping the mark.

Salsa can be energetic so please take care of personal hygiene. Ladies and gents deodorant/antiperspirant is available in the respective washrooms. Please help yourself.

Ladies are allowed to ask gents to dance!

Ladies please try not to lead the gents during a dance.

You are allowed to decline an offer to dance! It is important, however, not to accept another offer to dance straight away! The usual protocol is to wait until the current music track finishes!

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