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The club really needs and values its regular helpers, but I’m sure you will agree that it’s important to have some guidelines in place.
I hope that the information here will be helpful.

Definition of a Helper:

Special people, who regularly help out in our salsa groups and are keen to be involved in our salsa community.

Helpers should know all the moves being taught during a lesson and can lead or follow correctly.

Please do not join a group just to help make up the numbers if you are not familiar with the lesson content.


Please be aware that people are sometimes very nervous about coming to the club and dancing for the first time. Salsa-experience is gained over a long period of time and common errors should be expected and broached in a gentle and encouraging way (this is how we differ from a great many other salsa clubs!). Fundamental problems should be dealt with by me or the teaching-team.


We are keen that our club maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at all times. Please do not make ANY negative comments to people about their dancing. Be gentle and never impatient (you were a beginner once!). People have come to learn to dance, but also to have fun and relax in the process.


Compliment on what they can do, not what they can’t do! Never make blunt comments such as “your arms are too stiff” or “you’re not doing that right”. Instead, try saying “what you are doing is great, but how about if you tried relaxing your arms a little?”. The rule is to compliment first and then suggest some changes.


Please show respect to the teacher/s leading the session by not running private ‘tutorials’ during lessons. If you have made an observation that needs to be voiced, please wait for an appropriate time to mention to the teacher/s.


Please don’t add your own moves to ‘enhance’ the lesson. Feedback received is that it confuses the customers.


Please do not teach new moves to beginners or improvers. They are learning the basics during the courses and should practice these only. In particular, please do not invite beginners to rueda - it’s not fair on the beginner, or anyone else!

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