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Classes this week are cancelled

Hello SalsaJulia Patrons

I know we dance promoters are all generally in favour of ‘business as usual’ and dancing our way through difficulties, but please all let’s be sensible in these difficult times. Some clubs have closed their doors already and we at SalsaJulia feel it’s the right time to do the same....for now.

For those of you currently booked onto a course, we will offer an alternative week later on down the line. In the meantime, our club will hopefully resume lessons from Monday, 6th April and Wednesday, 8th April, but will let you know well in advance of any further delay.Our current website offer is available until Friday, 3rd April, but this date will be extended if further delays occur. Please stay well - sending you all love. Julia & The SalsaJulia Team Xxxx❤️xxxX


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