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Freestyle get-together tonight at WVH

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Monday, 11th September, from 7.30pm. £7 entry

We’re back on Monday, 11th September at the Wivelsfield Village Hall, with a ‘new term’ salsa special, for any level of dancer. I’m not going to risk mentioning anything about the weather, except to say we’ll either have all the doors and windows open (plus a few fans going) OR we’ll put all the heaters on. Who know what to expect, apart from the fact it will be lovely to see you all again.

‘Back to School Special’ (from 7.30pm at The Wivelsfield Village Hall) £7pp

If you’re completely new to salsa, that’s absolutely fine; we welcome you with open arms to come and join our fantastic salsa community. There’s no need for anyone to pre-book, as we want to do things a little differently for our first session back, after the long summer break. We’ll kick things off with a couple of warm-ups, followed by some rueda practice (we’ll split into groups for that). The magnificent SalsaJulia Team will be at hand to help, and our focus will be to get EVERYONE dancing.

It's not what you do, it’s the way that you do it…right?

Over the years, the prevailing concern I hear the most is “I’m not good enough to attend a freestyle event”. I’d LOVE to change that. Our guided practice evening will be brought to you with love and encouragement (and a few top tips to help things along). Let’s spend Monday evening practicing together and we’ll share some tips on how to stick around for the freestyle….rather than making a beeline for the door.

Our normal lesson structure will return on Monday, 18th September, but our guided freestyle events will crop up periodically and become a regular feature for our salsa community. We’ll be checking in with you for your feedback and ideas.


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