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We're COVID Ready!

We endeavour to adhere to Government Guidelines and continue to operate under the supportive ‘umbrella’ of our membership with The Foundation for Community Dance (SalsaJulia has been a member since 2008). The Foundation for Community Dance provides our Public Liability Insurance and also a wealth of information to support safe operation for community dance clubs, such as ours.

Do please take note of the following information regarding attendance of our dance events;

  • Spaces must be pre-booked – online booking facility to follow (we regret, no drop-in visitors)

  • SalsaJulia Team will manage any areas for potential crowding

  • Please present a new Lateral Flow Test result on arrival (last 3 digits from test strip recorded in the visitor sign-in book)

  • Lesson spaces strictly limited

  • Sign-in book will include a request for contact details for tracing purposes▪Hand gel encouraged on arrival and during the evening

  • More breaks during lessons

  • Mask/visor wearing will be respected, but not compulsory

  • Teaching-style adapted for participants to ‘face-away’ from their dancing partner▪Partner-swapping is not compulsory (unless you’re joining a rueda class!)

  • Well ventilated dance space

  • We will proceed at a pace that everyone is comfortable with*

* We fully appreciate that some of our customers might be a little nervous about returning to salsa. It is, after all, a close-proximity partner-dance and sociable occasion. We have been one of the last sectors to re-open and we respect the obvious concerns that still remain. The SalsaJulia Team have been meeting regularly during August and September and discussing the potential difficulties that may occur. We’d like to reassure our customers that our ‘return to salsa’ is a cautious one. We have put together our Risk Assessment, which can easily be ‘tweaked’ as confidence builds. We are mindful of the fact that Autumn/Winter approaches and we remain reactive and adaptable, should any events need to be postponed.

For those who have particular concerns (not covered by the measures mentioned above), do please contact me, as we can discuss some one-to-one options.

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