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Learn to Salsa in Mid-Sussex with SalsaJulia

SalsaJulia provides salsa lessons, courses, workshops and parties for all levels of salsa dancer in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With regular lesson nights in the Mid-Sussex area, we specialise in providing structured courses for absolute beginners, improvers and intermediate level dancers.


Our course-system provides the best possible foundation for learning to salsa-dance and will enable you to dance at any salsa club with confidence.


We offer free taster sessions for all those who'd like to come and give it a go.


The style of dance we teach is "Casino-style" Cuban salsa. Unlike many of the other salsa-styles, Cuban-style salsa requires no previous background in dance at all. Cuban salsa is a particularly sociable and vibrant dance, full of energy and rhythm.


Beware though... it becomes addictive!!!

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